City Begins To Take Action On Historic Rock Creek Bridge

At the Sapulpa city council meeting on February 19, a resolution was adopted to begin the process of requesting funding for a bypass of the historic Rock Creek Bridge. The city is seeking to build a new road from the intersection of state highways 117 and 66 to the old historic route 66 alignment (now known as Ozark Trail road). This would take traffic off of Rock Creek Bridge, which is long past its service life. I have been told that the city plans to create some kind of park around the bridge once the road has been moved off of it.

Unfortunately, the funding they are seeking will not be available until approximately 2020 at the earliest, and it is unclear what the timeline would be to actually reach a completed road. Based on similar projects, it could be as late as 2022 before the bridge is saved from vehicle traffic.

It is unclear at this point if the remnants of the Teepee drive-in will be spared or bulldozed when this new road is built. An exact alignment won’t be known until much later in this process. The historic Teepee is little more than quaint ruins at this point however, and though many in the community would love to see a revival, the land has been deadlocked in various disputes for over a decade now.

Sapulpa residents and Route 66 enthusiasts should keep an eye on this project, as the fate of our iconic bridge rests in the balance. There has already been serious concern recently over the condition of the century old bridge, and recent construction in the area is putting even more traffic than usual on it.